Heidi Townsend is from Vermont where she developed a real love of the wilderness. She now lives in Ashland, Oregon with her family and loves hiking with her dogs in the Rogue Valley.  There is nothing more satisfying than a happy dog after a hearty hike. In Vermont Heidi worked with Rhonda Bilodeau from Vermont Dog Pack where she first discovered the idea of Dog Camp and immediately new it was her calling. Heidi’s rescue dog Slate came to her highly adrenalized and in need of a new level of training than what she had done in the past. Not only did she learn to calm Slate and develop his social skills but found that as he became better trained, he was allowed more freedom. This, in turn led to him more successfully being able to get his needs met on walks.

Heidi is certified in Advanced Dog Socialization with Chad Mackin and is exploring Kayce Cover’s Conditioned Relaxation.  She is always updating her training method and feels that each dog needs individualized direction to become a well balanced dog and follows several experts of varied methods to offer your dog the best training approach for his or her style. We love the time we spend with our dogs but life is busy and sometimes we are not able to give our dogs the exercise and socialization that they need.  This is where Northwest Dog Camp comes in. Heidi comes to your home and picks up your dog along with others and  goes on a two-hour structured hike where they not only run and socialize but also work on good pack manners and structured skills.  Heidi then brings your dog home and makes sure they are watered and ready for a much needed rest.  Make an appointment for a free consultation to see if Northwest Dog Camp is right for you and your dog!


We are passionate dog people who take packs of dogs off leash hiking in the woods of Southern Oregon. We work on recall and socialization.

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